At last, it’s raining. The good thing about Surabaya is that it usually rains in the afternoon or evening, which leaves the day for doing things. However, it isn’t that good for my Indonesian colleagues who go home on motorbikes, or who live out east where it is prone to flooding. It will be great for the new garden that Helen finished putting in this afternoon. We went to a different “plant street”, mentioned in a newspaper article, and it seemed to have a better variety of plants than the other places we go.

We had a pretty good weekend. On Friday night, we went with a colleague to “The Rocks” restaurant, which has been very good. It was okay. From there, we hit the “Lido”, where I jammed with the band, and we had a drink. The guitarist wanted to sell me one of his Fender guitars, which he reckoned was a 1969 model. For only Rp5 million (~AU$700), I doubt it. He said he had twin daughters, who were costing him a fortune (realtively speaking) to put through high school.

On Saturday morning, while Helen went to the gym at the mall, I went to a local primary school, which had been painted by our Year 10 kids in July. The teachers had made a good go of putting up decorations and displays. I was checking out a room that they could use as a library, if our Year 8 kids stocked it.  The teacher and kids from school, who were supposed to meet me there, didn’t show, possibly because they remembered it was a public holiday. One of the primary school’s teachers was there to meet them, so it was lucky that I went. There are some security issues to go through before we hand over a couple of hundred dollars worth of books.

Just before lunch, we went into in town to stay. We had a voucher for a free night at the Majapahit Hotel, which had to be used by the end of March. (We realised, after eating, this morning, that breakfast was not included, and thought the price was a bit steep, given that the quality of the buffett has slipped a bit since the Mandarin Oriental group has pulled out. However, it was only half-price at check out time, which made it reasonable.)

Last night was interesting. We got a taxi to take us to “Jendela” restaurant, which had been one of the better ones, on our arrival, more than four years ago. It was closed, so the driver suggested a new one. We didn’t like it, but tried another nearby, “De Chateau”. The menu was very extensive. From there, we caught a becak to “Colours” disco, which cost us ~AU$10 to get in, because a couple of Indonesian Idol singers were on. We didn’t wait that long, but the house band was very good.

During the night, I woke up feeling queasy. I tried to get it out both ends. In the morning I was okay, and we went for our usual walk around the inner city. I’d slept a while on Saturday afternoon, and repeated the effort at home, this afternoon. I think I’m coming good.


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