2006 was a pretty good year. Work was good, with a steady move towards the big goal  of having my school widely recognised as the best in East Java, if not Indonesia. There were the usual “two steps forward, one step backward” occasions, but we’ve consolidated a bit, and the new year seems ripe for putting the pressure back on again. I subscribe to Chairman Mao’s view that, when people are comfortable, there is no progress.

Helen and I moved into a new house, and Heln survived the bedroom roof falling on her. We did a lot of travelling together, and Helen did a bit in developing a new role as an educational consultant. I’m hoping that I get the opportunity to do some workshops this year so that I can become a certificated IB trainer and/or visitor. I did one “freebie” to a school, and am hopeful of being able to build up a client base. A highlight was being able to do a workshop at the IB conference in Hanoi, which seemed to go very well – it’s the sort of thing we do every week at school.

My health and fitness has been pretty good. I probably need to have a shoulder operation, to rectify an old injury, but I can at least run two to three km’s without stopping, and cycle till I drop. I clog up at times, but the doc reckons it’s the air in modern society more than me. Like anyone looking at their declining years in the not-too-distant future, I worry about the “invisible” fatal disease.

I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I will try to be a calmer, more tolerant person, make time to “smell the roses” and be respectful of Helen’s aversion to “earthy” language. We’ll see ………


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