I could be a widower at the moment, but Helen had a very lucky escape from injury, or worse, last week. I was in Batam, on a school visit, and the phone rang at 3.19 am. Helen said “The bedroom roof has just fallen in on me!”. It came down in two big sheets, and one had a hole where her head had gone through it. We don’t know why it happened – all we can think of is that the herds of rats running across it each night must have weakened it. It’s been repaired and painted, so we’ll probably be back in there tonight.

I’m feeling a bit out of it, having had flu, or something for a couple of days. Apart from that, things are pretty good. This week at school is SMART week (Skills, Motivation, Attitudes, Reflection and Thinking), which is an attempt to get more punters into the school and to get them to send there kids here. I’m not sure we’ve been successful in that aim, but, for the kids who are here, it’s been great.

On Monday, we had (my concept of ) “6 X 6 supersports” for the third year in a row. Eight teams play a round robin in soccer, basketball, table tennis and softball, then do tug-of-war play offs, and end with a 6 X 100m relay. The teams consist of 3 boys and 3 girls. We had four teams from outside, and one team from each of our four Houses. Red House won, after a really good day of Competition.

Last night, we had the House Music Competition – another brilliant concept from moi. There were a few technical hitches, and the kids treated it more like a rock show than a school concert, but most of the performances were excellent. The Drama stuff over the past two days has been really good as well.

Today has been a round robin of touch football, netball, softball and handball. It is very hot out there, but the kids have been wonderful.

I’ll be in the pool very soon after arriving home this afternoon.


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