The new house is excellent – like living in a small resort. The nearby
mosques seem hell bent on annoying all the Chinese/Indonesian and
expatriate infidels in the estate, but you don’t notice them much.
Otherwise, it’s far quieter than the Ciputra Villas, where we spent
four years.

The pool is a bit invigorating, because it doesn’t get a lot of sun.
It will look fabulous once the new plants grow around it – we paid a
gardener from school pull to out some horrible bamboo-type plants, and
we replaced them with hibiscus and frangipanis. Martini had a lesson on
pool maintenance from the previous houseboy, but we may have to get him
to come back.

I successfully got nothing done today, which is disappointing.
Eighty-five percent of the school is on camp, and I should have had
plenty of time to do stuff. However, I’ve been informally meeting with
one or two of the teachers, and making sure that the kids who didn’t go
on camp don’t feel that they are being punished for it.

I am really happy that my weight is the lowest it’s been for at least
ten years. However, I still have an obvious “belly”, and need to keep
exercising and watching what I eat. I’m actually a bit tired from
playing touch Friday night, Hash on Saturday and nine holes yesterday.
I rode this morning, and we have netball tonight. Hmmm.


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