Next week is the last week of school. It
all seems to have come together. In recent times we’ve had a number of events
that show how far our teachers and kids have come. Thursday night was the Year 7
Fashion Show. This was a combination of work in English, Maths, Art, IT and
Technology. The 90, or so, kids were great, with inventive designs, clear
announcements and quick entries and exits. The level of English still needs to
improve, and this is the goal for next year.

Wednesday evening, the Year 9 kids presented their proposals for their
Personal Projects to their parents. It wasn’t rocket science, but the
kids were great at articulating their goals
for the coming year,

It’s our last weekend before
the end of the
school year. Yesterday, we went to the bank to try out our new ATM
cards, that we finally organised after weeks without. We then went to
the mall, where I had a very short haircut, for Rp6500 (~$1). We then
went to the international school fair. It was quite good, and, for the
first time (that we’ve seen), there were many teachers at one of their

This morning, we played golf,
at 6am. There was a tournament on, so we played on the Bukit (hills)
course, holes 19 to 27. I was terrible. It was extremely frustrating.
We’re about to head over to the pool, and, this afternoon, we have a
farewell function for departing colleagues.


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