I don’t know how people (including me, in a former life) get
time to surf the net, and keep up with emails. A couple of my colleagues manage
to find helpful websites during the course of the day – I take more than an
hour each day to deal with my school emails and intramails, and get to read
personal emails, but not do too much about them. Anyway, days seem far too
short to fit everything in that I want to do. It must be a function of getting

Last Wednesday morning, I had brekky at the Hyatt with the
Indonesia-Australia Business Council. It was nice to catch up with a couple of
familiar faces and meet some new ones. Helen and I have to do more of it – the
“soft” PR stuff. 

A family from India came on Thursday, and
returned to enroll their boy in Year 8 next year. I hope it is the beginning of
an influx of students from other Asian countries. It would really change the
nature of the school. On my way to watch the (extremely successful) athletics
carnival for the primary school, I encountered the final of the Student Council
“soccer league”. Year 12 and Year 8 fought out a thrilling 0-0 draw, and Year 12 got the
only ball in the net from 10 penalty shots. That’s why I dislike soccer – you
can play well for the whole game, and lose it from one incident. The game
showed the way our kids have progressed, particularly with more than 100 kids
cheering two teams of boys who never gave up. 

Helen’s friend, Margaret, returned on the weekend, which was
really good for Helen – she misses having close friends here. On Saturday,
Helen had a netball game against a Jakarta
team, so we had to do a bit of running around in the morning. Surabaya won the game easily. We had a nice
dinner with the participants and partners at the Majapahit Hotel.

On Sunday morning, Helen, Margaret and I walked out the back
of the golf course, and then returned through some villages. It was (as always)
really interesting, looking at things and talking to people. At one stage, the “girls”
had about 20 village kids tagging along behind.

In the afternoon, they went shopping, and had lunch at the
Shangri La hotel while I played golf. I regained my former mediocrity, and
should be able to improve on it.

We were up at 4.30am this morning, so that Margaret
could get away to the airport. I did my usual 10km ride around the estate. The
full moon was still bright in the sky


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