We had a relaxing 3 days in Kuta. Helen managed
to get us into Alam Kul Kul, behind her usual sunbathing spot on Kuta beach.

The first night, we arrived quite late, and,
after a drink at Papa’s restaurant, in front of the hotel, we hit the sack. 

On Good Friday morning, we were up early, me
for a walk, Helen for a run. We went to the beach after an extensive hotel
breakfast. In the afternoon, Helen drove the hired Jimney to Sanur while I
wandered around, eventually having a quite good massage in an inexpensive
establishment. We drank a bottle of champagne on the beach and “people
watched” as the sun set.

We met up with Jean and Rio
for dinner at Kori. Agus and Bayu had to do the “gig” as a duo, and
played and sang well. I mentioned to Jean that we still had an English job
going, and she seemed interested.

It was raining the next morning, so we went
straight to breakfast. I drove to the 6’s cricket. It was nice catching up with
people, without the responsibility of playing.

Apparently, there was a petrol tanker strike,
and fuel was unprocurable. I drove back through Jimbaran village and bought 4
litre bottles of petrol from a warung, with a relative “in the know”.

At about 3pm, we walked down the back gang to
Poppies 2 to do a bit of shopping. We ended up at Papa’s for our sunset drink.

We had dinner at a new Italian restaurant in
Jl. Melasti, which was very nice.

 On Sunday morning we walked a couple of
kilometres up the beach, then back. We jumped in the car to go and buy a temple
umbrella, before handing back the car. After breakfast I wandered around the
markets, for little result, then joined Helen on the beach. The water wasn’t up
to my standard of cleanliness, so I had a swim in the hotel pool. 

two of us had a wander around Legian market, and I bought two new pairs of
shorts. We had coffee at Papa’s, then caught a taxi to the airport. For a
public holiday, it was surprisingly quiet, although we had seats across an
aisle. After a smooth flight, we were back home by 6pm.


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