I don’t know where the time goes. My school “to do” list
grows, instead of shrinks. Every time I think I can get something done, a new
issue crops up. However, we still seem to be moving forward, with the school
culture improving daily. I have to get used to checking off my list before I
get side tracked.

The last month has been pretty good. We spent a lovely week
in Bali for our mid-semester holidays (check
out my web site). Before that, school was, as usual, full on, with Music Day
and our first, very successful, cross country in the last two weeks.

The next two weeks are flat out, with next weekend in Singapore, for the rugby 7’s and West Side
Story, and the one after in Bali, for Easter. 

We started to watch “Brokeback Mountain
the other night. A couple of blokes pashing can not save a dead boring film.
“Gladiator” it isn’t.

At last, proper football is on TV – C’arn the Bombers! The
problem is that the good games are on at 10pm. Thank goodness for the DVD

I’m feeling healthy at the moment. Just went for a 10km ride
before breakfast. I even went for a run on Saturday morning (1km run, 2km walk,
1km run.) Yesterday we went for a ride out to villages about 8km away. We
encountered all the blokes from one doing the monthly clean up. Up pops one of
our Pre-school teachers, so I stopped. Helen, meanwhile, had been examining the
vista north, across the fields to the city. She looked up, tried to stop, and
fell off, doing herself a nasty groin injury. We took it very quietly coming
back. She should come good very soon, and it may not stop her running.


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