Life seems to be cruising along nicely at the moment
(hopefully, not “famous last words”). After all, anywhere, but, it seems that,
particularly in Indonesia,
your life can turn from chocolates to boiled lollies in an instant. – I had
that experience a few years back, and would rather that it is never repeated.

Anyway, I ran a pretty good professional development day on
Friday, about “ways of Knowing”, for the IB Diploma. The crew seemed to get
into it, and we’ll keep the interest up. 

Last night we had an excellent game of netball. It was
probably the first time that we had 14 players. I think I’ve done a hamstring,
which is very annoying. Two of our Indonesian PE teachers play, and enjoy it.
Another Indonesian young man and young woman came along, and slotted in well.
It’s pretty quick, and a great workout. 

I tried to walk out the soreness this morning. It is always
interesting walking through the neighbouring village of Lakarsantri and
watching people begin the day. There is an elderly Chinese couple who live in a
new mansion near the golf course who hobble around the “circuit” each morning,
often stopping to buy a few veggies at a road-side stall. 

We had a couple from Bogor
having a look at the school over the weekend. We’ll offer them the last two expat
positions. We took them to the Dutch Carnival on Saturday night, and they said
that they had more fun in the one night than in 6 months in Bogor. 

I hope that I can get a bit of work done this week. There
always seems to be something “extra” that crops up. We have a celebration for
all the school staff on Thursday night, for being authorized for all three IB

Apart from that, it’s still raining. It is annoying
for us, but there are many local people who must spend their time in a swamp
until the rain stops.


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