I heard the alarm this morning, but momentarily went back to sleep. Our
sleep was interrupted, twice, by Cappucino. He yowled outside the door,
and even bashed up against it. We didn’t let him in.

I went for a walk, through the golf course and back home via the Water
Park. The torrential rain of the past three days resulted in the best
view of the volcanoes I’ve seem here – around to Bromo and through to

The weekend was pretty good. On Friday night we went to the new Hachi
Hachi restaurant. The Senior girls’ basketball team was leaving as we
arrived. They said they had beaten one of the local schools 69-0.

On Saturday We went to a nearby primary school to see the Year 7’s
teach English for Community and Service. It was brilliant – the primary
school kids were participating enthusiastically because our kids had
organised excellant activities.

Later in the morning Helen went to run some errands while I went to
another school, with different Year 7’s running classes. It was not as
good, mainly because the primary school was chaotic. Helen had
observed, earlier, that, every time we visited an Indonesian primary
school, it seemed to be break time.

I went to the mall and had a haircut, and Helen met me there. We had a
cup of coffee at the new doughnut place – it is “bad”, because you get
extra doughnuts with coffe, which means lunch is not necessary.

In the evening, after the usual deluge, we drove to an Indian
restaurant about 10km in towards town. We went the back route, which
was like driving through an urbanised village. The restaurant was
excellent. One of our colleagues had organised it, and more than 20
people came. The others were heading off to a bar afterwards, but we
went home. It was already 11.30pm.

On Sunday morning, Helen did a heap of gardening, and I pottered about,
helping her, and doing other neccessary chores – Martini was in Blitar
for the weekend, with her family.

We played golf after lunch. I treid the “Zen” approach, but the club
went flying once or twice after some very, very frustrating shots. It
was a poor round, but some aspects of my game worked. Helen was happy,
because she beat me for the second time in a row.

In the evening, Helen heated a packet curry, with nan, and we watched
TV. We had a go at watching a movie, but nonoe of the the ones we agreed on worked properly. We were in bed fairly early.


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