Life is pretty good at the moment. We seem to have put an end to the
“political” problems at school with a great presentation at a Board
meeting on Friday. However, the price of peace is eternal vigilance.

I’ve been making the effort to do appraisal observations in class, and
the positives far outweigh the negatives. It really is a great school,
and some of the Indonesian teachers are surpassing some of their
expatriate colleagues, and have a far better holistic understanding of
education than many teachers in a number of the so-called
“international” schools throughout the region. The trick is getting all
of them to believe in their potential.

We had a great game of touch on Friday afternoon. It was a bit like
playing on ice, with the water and a bit of mud on the field. I thought
I’d completely stuffed my knee in one tumble, but it is pretty
resiliant. We’ve roped in one of our Indonesian PE teachers, who is a
natural, so I hope we can get a few more.

Friday and Saturday night were pretty gruelling, with the result that
we didn’t get out of bed  in time to do any exercise, with the
further result of a slight increase on the scales. I’ll make a return
to the golf course this arvo, but the practice 50 balls at the driving
range this morning didn’t fill me with optimism.


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