I should be feeling wonderful this weekend, but I’m tired and not
really motivated. I think it was triggered by the realisation that we’d
planned an Australia Day dinner at the same time as an evening parent
meeting at school.

On Friday we had what is probably the best Board meeting in nearly 4
years, and yesterday was pretty relaxed. I bought a new electric shaver
at a big electronics store, that has, possibly, the laziest staff in
Indonesia. I stopped at the mall to get some money and bakery stuff.

We palyed golf, very badly, in the afternoon – not being positive
didn’t help, and the standard of play reinforced the mood. However, we
had a nice meal at a not-too-far-away restaurant in the evening, and
stopped in at the Jatim Club for a drink afterwards and chatted with a
couple of patrons.

Today we are out most of the day setting the Australia Day Hash. Helen
says to consider it as “Community and Service”. I quite liked Hash in
Bali, but it seems to me that if you set out to discourage runners from
attending, you’d end up pretty much with the current Surabaya Hash
arrangements – wrong day, too early and the talk afterwards too long.
However, it seems to provide something for a number of people.

Hopefully I will be a bit more “up” when hordes of positive,
prospective parents rush through the gates this week for our “Open
House”. (Fingers crossed)


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