I can not believe how quickly this year has gone, and how much has been packed into it.

It started, professionally, with me going back to a school where a gangster’s family had forced the Board into accepting back a teacher who we’d sacked, and who’d slandered us in the press and got some of the kids to demonstrate. It resulted in a fairly subdued end to the school year in June. However, the first half of this school year has ended wonderfully, with authorisation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and an “A” from the Indonesian Ministry of Education for both Senior and Junior High School.

Personally, Helen and I have had a great year. We’ve travelled all over the place, and had some wonderful experiences. We bought a house, in Queensland. – We need to sought out our taxes with it, and I need to do something about superannuation. This Christmas has been good, seeing Mum and Mark reasonably well, and Lyndsey and Sean happy.

For New Year’s resolutions, I need to continue to lose some weight (another 3 – 5 kg would be adequate), continue to improve my tolerance of the failings of others (and myself) and, generally, take the time to be nicer to people.


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