We had a great weekend. We “slept in” until
6.30am, and then fiddled
about the house. Just after 10 am,
we left for the centre of Surabaya.
We stopped at Atlantic Tours, at the Hyatt, to drop off some plane tickets to
be adjusted.

 From there we drove the circuitous route to
the Hotel Majapahit and checked in. Once the bags were in the room, we walked
out across the two main roads to Tunjungan
Plaza for the mandatory
Starbuck’s visit. Helen was getting her hair cut, so I went for a wander
around. I went to a good computer shop there, and lashed out Rp5,9m for a HP
6515 PDA, to replace my lost phone. After that, I didn’t feel like shopping, so
I went back to  the hotel and put my
purchase in the room safe. 

One of the teachers at school had told me
about a nearby market, where I could look for lights for school productions.
Pasar Genting has a ground floor of local fruit and veg, and then two floors of
more mixers, amplifiers, speakers and microphones that you would have thought
existed. There were also plenty of electronics components for local terrorists
to complete their explosive devices. 

I walked around the block, and bought a few
CD’s with mp3’s near Tunjungan Centre. I returned to the hotel, and Helen
eventually turned up. 

Wine Society was upstairs in the evening.
It was pretty good, with about 80 people. The food was okay, but Chinese just
doesn’t go with wine. I spilt a glass of red on myself, but, luckily, I was
wearing red and black.

 In the morning we decided to walk the 2km
to Jembatan Merah (red bridge) plaza. Near the war memorial, there is a local
Sunday market, which was bustling along. The shopping centre is about three
floors of fabric shops, and is really nice to wander around. We bought a few
things, and then caught a becak back to the hotel. 

We headed home straight away, with a plan
to play golf. However, Helen wasn’t feeling 100%, and it looked loke rain. We
stayed home, with Helen resting and me setting up my new toy. It bucketed in
the afternoon. Consequently, we had a quiet evening, with home-delivery pizza.


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