We had a VERY big day today, seeing about half of Tokyo in one day.
We had brekky at the same cafe as yesterday, then bought our super
express ticket to the airport.

Firstly, we took the train to Tokyo station, and had a look at the
Emperor’s front gate. When we walked back in to the station, the main
Yamanote line was shut down, so we went on a different line and changed
to another, which to us to Akihabara. It was pretty amazing, but things
were a bit more expensive than Surabaya. We then walked to Ochanomizu
station, via guitar shops, and caught a train to Shinjuku. The
different line took us there in half the time of yesterday.

Shinjuku was pretty amazing. We walked down a narrow alley, crowded
with noodle shops. They were full of blokes in suits having a
“businessman’s lunch” – a cigarette, a bottle of Asahi beer and a bowl
of noodles. We had lunch, and then split up for an hour. I walked into
a DVD store, and discovered that it was four floors of porn. The
Japanese have stuff which is simply not allowed in Oz – a lot of sick,
violent stuff.

From Shinjuku, we walked 2km to Harajuku. Again we split up, but ran
into each other at a souvenir store that Jane had told us about. We
separated yet again, and met to catch the train back to Shinjuku.

We decided to have a drink before dinner, and had our only negative
experience of the trip. We went into a very Japanese place for drinks.
The bloke brought us each a very basic appetiser, and we had two rounds
of drinks. When we went to pay, we were charged (exhorbitantly) for the
appetisers. I tried to explain that we hadn’t asked for them, and would
not have eaten them if we had known, and, in the end, I just plonked
down the money for the drinks and we went. One of the blokes screamed
at us, but they didn’t follow us.

From there, we wandered around and came across a “Kirin City”, like
the one we had eaten in, in Ueno. it had reasonably-priced drinks, and
nice food. We were both pretty tired from a long day out, and caught
the train back to Ueno, to pack for our departure tomorrow. On the way
out of the station we noticed, for the first time, the Hard Rock Cafe!


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