Another very enjoyable day. Hanako prepared a
feat for breakfast – toast, yogurt, miso soup, egg custard, fish cake,
egg roll, ….

From the dining table, there is an excellent view
of the house across the street, where the Vivians lived, 20 years ago.
It has not really changed at all.

We were out of the house by 9.30am. (It seems to take a long time to get going in the mornings here.) We
walked down the hill to the bus terminal. There was no bus, so we
started walking, all the way to the Shukkien gardens. It was really
nice towalk around, and the autumn leaves looked great.

From Shukkien, we walked west, to the castle. It
has a nice little history exhibit, and some old swords and armour. We
walked to Sogo, and then down the Hondori to Fukuya department store.
I’d spotted the cake shop in the basement yesterday. We both had a
cappucino and a piece of a berry-mousse cake. It was about Au$30 for
the two of us, but it was exquisite.

Helen wanted an hour in the Hondori arcade, and I
wandered around the bar district, before finding a great instrument
shop on the 9th floor of the Parco department store. I realised a very
big difference between Indonesia and Japan – I noticed my first
pregnant woman for the trip. (Later, Helen and I agreed that we had
hardly seen any small children out and about.)

We had two hours to get back to Hanako’s house,
so we decided to keep walking. We went to the station, and, on the way,
discovered some lovely little cafes beside the river. From there, we
headed up the hill towards the Buddhist stupa above Hanako’s house. The
last sixty or so steps were a bit tough.We then found the steps down
the other side, and Hanako’s house. We had circumnavigated most of the
city on foot.


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